WT 100G
RTV Silicone High Torque and High Temperature Gasket Maker

High-Torque RTV Silicone Adhesive Gasket Maker: Silver Grey, Low Oder, High Temperature Range -65°F to 600°F, Net Wt. 3.0 OZ. (85g)

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This product is a one component RTV silicone sealant , curing competely without excitant odour release. It has three high resistance characteristics, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to high pressure, Operation safety under 15MPA pressure.

Color: Silver

Acidity and Basicity: Neutral

24 Hour Cure Rate: ≥5

Elongation(%) (mm): ≥237

Tensile Strength(mpa): 1.75

Surface Drying(mins): 8

Density(g/cm3): 1.02

Volatile: ≦4.5

Hardness( Shore A ): 38


First of all. Clean up the base material surface water, dust, grease If necessary, cleaning with solvent such as butyl,xylene, ketones) cleaning with dishcloth wipe all the residue, make full clean, dry base material. Interface with duct tape around to ensure that cover the surface of the seal of lines perfect . thorn aluminum tube with t he cup. If joint width is greater than 15 millimeter, need to repeated coating glue, trim the surface of the glue wi th cutting tools, remove excess rubber material before peel off the tape, if there is a tear stains it an be used wet cloth off: The surface will be dry in ten minutes after squeezing out the glue, then need to be c ompletely sulfide sulfide 24 hours or longer, according to the thickness of the glue and environmental temperat ure, humidity based on external conditions accordingly.






RTV silicone neutral Sliver A – Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

RTV Silicone Neutral(Gasket Maker)- Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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RTV Silicone High Torque and High Temperature Gasket Maker”

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