WT 160
Ultimate Strength Powder Bonding Adhesive

Ultimate Strength Adhesive with Reinforced Bonding Powder to Repair Almost Anything.
Adhesive: Net Wt. .34 FL OZ. (10mL)
Bonding Powder: Net Wt. (10mL)

Work Fix is the latest development in adhesive technology. It will bond nearly all types of materials and can be used to fill cracks, holes and gaps with the reinforcing powders provided.


























Appearance: Black/Clear/Black/Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/White

Density(g/cm³): 1.4~2.4

Hardness(mpa): 80~-220

Meltingpoint(℃): 600~1200

DIY Repairs almost any thing from toys, PVC’s, and tools, automotive & many more.

The Powder tore pair Bumper, Grilles, Radiators, Motorcycle Fairings, Electrical Switches, Door Handles, Distributor caps and so much more.

1.Ensure that the paint is removed and that the surface is clean, dry and roughened.

2.Apply powder to area being repaired and then drip Work Fix onto the powder, making sure that the bottle and/or applicator doesn’t touch the powder.

3.Tore place fill missing parts, place tape underneath the gap, fill with powder and apply Work Fix super glue. Remove the tape after Work Fix hardens.

4. Don’t cut the bottle open, pierce with the pin supplied and seal after use.






Work-Fix – Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Work-Fix Liquid glue – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Work-Fix Powder – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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Ultimate Strength Powder Bonding Adhesive”

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