WT 140
Professional Grade Rearview Mirror Adhesive

Professional Strength Rearview Mirror Adhesive
Activator: Net Wt. .02 FL OZ., (0.6mL)
Adhesive: Net Wt. .014 FL OZ.,

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Rearview Mirror Adhesive is a two part adhesive that permanently bonds mirror buttons to windshields. The extreme product is easier to use than the standard rear view mirror adhesive. It achieves handling strength in seconds, and mirror mounting strength in 30 minutes. ODC free. OEM approved. NOT designed for PLASTIC buttons.









Chemical Type: Methacrylate Ester

Appearance: Adhesive yellow

Activator: Blue-green

Temperature Range: -60°F to 200°F

Flash Point, COC: >200°F

Odor Mild Viscosity: 3000~5000 cps

Shear Strength: 21.5mpa

Curing speed: 30 s

Thermostability: Stability ( < 80 degree c )

Specific Gravity 0.98


Read all directions before beginning repair. Repairs can be made ideally at temperatures from 50°F to 75°F. Repairs made at lower temperatures will take longer to cure.

1. Remove the mounting button from the mirror bracket.

2. On the outside of the windshield, mark the spot where the button was mounted with a felt-tip marker or crayon

3. Scrape all old adhesive off windshield and the button with a safety razor. (Be careful not to gouge button with razor.)

4. Using fine grit sandpaper, place on a flat, hard surface and gently sand the mounting surface of the button using a circular motion.

5. Open the Cleaner/Activator towelette by pulling both sides of the protective packet at a point at the top sides of the package. Fold the packet back to use. The towelette is attached to the foil packet. Do Not Remove.

6.Apply the activator to the inside of the windshield where the spot has been marked by the felt-tip marker. Use a circular motion and make sure that the activator overlaps the mark by at least ½ inch. Allow the activator to dry for at least 2 minutes. DO NOT TOUCH the glass after the activator has been applied.

7. Remove the twist-off cap from the adhesive pencil.Carefully cut off the tip of the pencil with scissors or a knife.
Apply one drop only to the center of the button.(Remember, more is not better.)

8. Immediately apply the button to the windshield,ensuring that the correct side is up (usually the rounded side). Hold firmly against the windshield for at least 1 minute. Do not move the button during this time. Allow to set for at least 30 minutes.

9. Mount the mirror bracket onto the button. Clean off the marking on the outside of the windshield with alcohol.

10. Wipe off any uncured resin with a cloth.

11. Uncured resin may be cleaned up with a cloth saturated with alcohol.

12. Clean hands with Fast OrangeÒ hand cleaner.


Rearview Mirror Adhesive – Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Rearview Mirror Adhesive – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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Professional Grade Rearview Mirror Adhesive”

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