WT 180
Multi-Purpose Epoxy Adhesive

5 Minute Rapid Set
Multi-Purpose Epoxy Adhesive:
Temperature Range -51°F to 180°F, 3400 PSI
Net Wt. .84 FL OZ. (25mL)

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Epoxy Glue is a kind of double component room temperature fast curing sealant.It is widely used in machinery and equipment,auto parts,sports equipment,metal-tools and accessories,rigid plastic or other emergency repairs.Fast bonding and packing,after curing has excellent bonding strength,acid and alkali resistance,moisture-proof and water proof,oil-proof and dustproof good performance,high-heat and air-aging.











Appearance: White + Black

Density: 1.5

Cure Time: 5~15mins

Viscosity: Resin 40,000~60,000mpa.s

Hardener: 50,000~80,000mpa.s

Shear Strength: ( 50 ℃ Cure and Test Result at 25 ℃ )

1 Hours: ≥7

24hours: ≥16

72hours: ≥17

It mainly used in Metal materials and nonmetalic materials, such as plastics, leather, pottery and porcelain, glass, jewellery and wood, etc. After its solidifying, it will have a fine performance of waterproof, oil proof and chemicals esistance. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing, assembling, repairing as Well as mending of household electrical appliance and daily articles.

Polishing or other further procedures should be processed after curing enough. In order to avoid other chemic al reactions, any chemical protection before mending or used with non-epoxy adhesive is prohibited. Noticed not to confuse the A and B component caps and be remembered to seal up the caps tightly after using. Not For eat even by mistake!

Epoxy (white black) Syringe – Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Epoxy – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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Multi-Purpose Epoxy Adhesive”

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