WT 220
Professional Windshield Repair Kit

Professional Windshield Repair Kit for 1 ¼ Inch Bulls Eye’s and Star Damages

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Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to eliminate the worst cases of headlight degradation, yellowing, oxidation, and scratches.
It includes everything needed to up the cloudiest lenses. Get great result on most plastic lenses, such as tail lights, trailers, boat windows,helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens, snowmobiles and more.

Kit contains:

4×P400 Sandpaper

2×P800 Sandpaper

2×P1000 Sandpaper

1×Orange Foam Pad


1×40ml Spray Lubricant(step1)

2×56gm Polishing Paste(step2)

2×14gm UV Protective Paste(step3)




































Step 2

Appearance: Grey paste

Density(g/cm³): 1.45

Particle size(μm): 300-600

Solid content: ≧90%

Modulus of fineness: 1.5

Round rate: 80%

Step 3

Appearance: UV Light Clear

Odor: No irritating odor

Density: 0.901

Viscosity(mpa.s): 55.27


Clean: clean the lens with spray lubricant

Sand: sand with three different grits sand papers to remove the yellowing and surface defects from the lens

Polish: polish lens for clarity and shine

Protect: protect lens from the elements and prevent uv damage






































Headlight Restoration Kit – Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Headlight Restoration Kit Step 2 – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Headlight Restoration Kit Step 3 – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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Professional Windshield Repair Kit”

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