WT 360
Multi-Purpose UV Light Adhesive

5 Second Liquid Resin
Multi-Purpose Adhesive with UV Light Activated for Durable, and Permanent Bonding.

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UV Glue is a fast curing adhesive that can be used for many times. It is suitable for bonding metal, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber, PVC, ABS, Acrylic and so on. This product is cured when exposed to UV radiation . The speed of cure will depend on the UV intensity as measured at the product surface.The ultraviolet lamp can achieve cure within a short time, safe and convenient operation.















Color: Clear liquid

Odor: Acrylic

Vapor pressure: < 6 mm Hg (27 (80.6 )) ℃ ℉

Boiling point/range: > 149 (> 300.2 ) ℃ ℉

Density: 1.04 Flash point: 65 (149 ) ℃ ℉

Viscosity(mpa.s): >950 Hardness(A) 65-75

Shear Strength: Glass-glass >25.0Mpa

Glass-Metal >18.0Mpa Glass-Acrylic >11.0Mpa

Glass-alum >11.0Mpa Glass-ceramic >7.5Mpa

Glass-ABS >7.5Mpa Glass-pvc >7.5Mpa

Glass-wood >7.0Mpa

Can be used 120-150 times if one point

Surfaces to be bonded should be clean and dry. The plastic coating should be bonded to the site, gently press, plastic full of bonded joints, and then used with UV light irradiation, attention must use the built-in UV lamp, different wavelength UV lamp is not the same, is difficult to guarantee to cure.About 10 seconds will be able to achieve the early curing, if the adhesive area is too large, an appropriate extension of irradiation time. Pay attention to the adhesive parts of at least one side is transparent, UV lamp alignment transparent side irradiation, light can through the surface, the adhesive curing.
















UV Light Glue – Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

UV Light Glue – Safety Data Sheet (SDS)


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Multi-Purpose UV Light Adhesive”

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